Dog Boarding

Dog in the City offers home boarding a superior alternative to kennels - it’s a home-from-home for your dog! 

Our boarding service allows you to go on holiday and relax with peace of mind that your dog is enjoying their usual home comforts with Dog in the City. We do not have kennels so dogs are boarded in our house with us and live as part of the family. They have comfy beds to sleep on as well as lots of toys and a fully enclosed rear garden to play in. Making the whole experience less stressful for you and your dogs. 

All dogs boarding at Dog in the City must be fully up-to-date with vaccinations and be free of fleas. Our priority is your dogs health - and all the dogs in our care. To make your dogs experience at Dog in the City enjoyable and stress-free we aim to follow their regular daily routine ; feeding times, walks, play, administering medication etc. Village Vet 24 in Belsize is our nearest vet in case of any emergencies. 

We collect your dog as normal on the morning you depart and drop them home in the afternoon when you return. All you need to do is leave enough food for the duration of your dogs stay and we will take care of the rest.

At Dog in the City we pride ourselves on our established relationships with every dog - and making sure all the dogs in our care get along with each and enjoy the time running around with their pals. As such our boarding service is only available to our Day Care clients who have an ongoing booking of at least half a day per week. This means that your dog will already be familiar and happy with the routine, our staff, the home and the other dogs - so their stay will be comfortable, relaxed and stress-free.